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Planet Watching

3 32 Rolando 03/26/2023 02:54AM
Last Post by mrbigstuff

‘ Scientists uncover startling concentrations of pure DDT along seafloor off L.A. coast ‘

5 61 btfc 03/26/2023 02:39AM
Last Post by Thrift Store Scott

Why is googling asking for my location all the time?

6 66 davemchine 03/26/2023 02:50AM
Last Post by vision63

Pete goes country

1 67 Fritz 03/25/2023 08:37PM
Last Post by Fritz

how strange, the change from major to minor?!.....major in demand actor arrested in NY......

2 103 NewtonMP2100 03/26/2023 12:22AM
Last Post by Rolando

Elite 8

5 78 btfc 03/26/2023 12:08AM
Last Post by Rolando

Cast Iron question

9 118 gadje 03/25/2023 08:02PM
Last Post by Fritz

when you CARE enough to send the very best?!....some drugs prices on Medicare dropping......

3 94 NewtonMP2100 03/25/2023 07:24PM
Last Post by Buzz

I finally got rid of that mac that I HATE!

4 159 hal 03/25/2023 05:00PM
Last Post by Tiangou

Select Home Depot Stores: 2-Pack Defiant Rechargeable Utility Lights w/ Magnet $14

4 81 pRICE cUBE 03/25/2023 05:27PM
Last Post by Cary

Good video about Tesla PowerWall batteries, Solar panels, and Tesla App

1 62 gadje 03/25/2023 12:41PM
Last Post by gadje

Where do we go when DP Review is gone?

9 133 lost in space 03/25/2023 10:24PM
Last Post by gadje

Chopper's Saturday Hypothetical Question--Print a Newspaper?

8 104 chopper 03/25/2023 03:55PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

Royal_tea [ time to spill the tea ]?!....Harry & Meghan's eviction from UK home just the beginning.....

5 162 NewtonMP2100 03/25/2023 03:30PM
Last Post by Michael

Two dozen dead in Mississippi tornadoes

2 79 Grumpyguy 03/25/2023 02:34PM
Last Post by Zoidberg

iPad for real-time captioning of conversation?

8 77 Mr Downtown 03/26/2023 02:15AM
Last Post by rz

not nearly as sexy as the augmented Mustang with Lambo doors, but ...

4 105 Fritz 03/25/2023 11:01AM
Last Post by rich in distress

En-garde! Dog Sword Fighting With Her Humans

5 99 jh 03/25/2023 12:15PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman

RIP: Gordon Moore

4 165 GGD 03/25/2023 10:15AM
Last Post by sekker

GreyT Gatsby?!....ABC renews 'Grey's Anatomy' for 20th season....Netflix renews 'You' for final 5th 'Great Expectations' debuTTing......

1 66 NewtonMP2100 03/24/2023 06:43PM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

wysiwyg web design for idiots

11 154 Fritz 03/25/2023 12:38PM
Last Post by Fritz

gulliver's travels?!.....Passport renewal backlog......

8 162 NewtonMP2100 03/25/2023 10:17AM
Last Post by sekker

Sweet 16 Part Deux

5 85 btfc 03/24/2023 08:22PM
Last Post by DP

Any RealCADD users here?

3 69 flareslow 03/25/2023 05:15PM
Last Post by Filliam H. Muffman


11 151 btfc 03/25/2023 05:22PM
Last Post by Tiangou

Linus Tech Tips hacked last night!

3 115 gadje 03/24/2023 02:04PM
Last Post by hal

F/U to what's causing limp mode to wife's Ranger...

14 177 DP 03/25/2023 07:03AM
Last Post by DP

Sheer delight?! single from Ed Sheeran 'Eyes Closed' just debuTT'd.....

3 69 NewtonMP2100 03/25/2023 12:06AM
Last Post by davemchine

USBC to USBA hub help

11 107 Spiff 03/24/2023 05:28PM
Last Post by anonymouse1

backsies [ aka smurfy smurf gets smurf'd ]?!.....Twitter revoking legacy blue check verification .....

5 101 NewtonMP2100 03/25/2023 01:29PM
Last Post by pRICE cUBE

Touch his belly and he'll shred you [pic]

15 213 freeradical 03/25/2023 08:38PM
Last Post by PeterB

BoobTube Tonight?!....Series P: 'My Kind of Country'_'Up Here'......'Knock on the Cabin' debuTTs......

1 63 NewtonMP2100 03/24/2023 09:11AM
Last Post by NewtonMP2100

Amazon order placed at 7:21 AM, Delivered at 9:51 AM

3 120 gadje 03/24/2023 03:06PM
Last Post by Phy

$100 off Costco Macbook Air M2 13.3"

1 80 pRICE cUBE 03/24/2023 08:34AM
Last Post by pRICE cUBE

Apple CarPlay finally available on...

5 162 Lux Interior 03/24/2023 06:50PM
Last Post by macphanatic

Louis Rossmann talks about Musk

2 120 gadje 03/24/2023 01:06PM
Last Post by Article Accelerator

Do you have a home defibrillator? Poll

9 245 Ombligo 03/24/2023 07:59PM
Last Post by cbelt3

AI Colorizing B&W photos site

16 230 chopper 03/24/2023 09:20PM
Last Post by Rolando

Slow news day so here is a pic of my dog

13 163 chopper 03/24/2023 03:16PM
Last Post by Phy

AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) question

6 91 gadje 03/24/2023 06:19AM
Last Post by gadje

"Independent" producers that are still around selling food stuffs

13 155 mrbigstuff 03/25/2023 10:15AM
Last Post by JoeH

Sweet 16

16 147 btfc 03/23/2023 11:25PM
Last Post by RgrF

At the risk of sounding premature and hyperbole....they've doubled battery storage density and it appears production ready!

10 183 Carnos Jax 03/25/2023 12:09AM
Last Post by mattkime

Does anyone know anything about birdshot retinopathy?

3 94 Dennis S 03/23/2023 09:11PM
Last Post by Dennis S

Auto mechanics! Check engine light, ESC light, a wrench icon light come on and truck won't drive faster than idle...

14 156 DP 03/24/2023 09:10AM
Last Post by RgrF

without a trace?!.....Apple stops allowing Sprint activations.....

2 136 NewtonMP2100 03/23/2023 06:13PM
Last Post by ka jowct

roll over Beethoven?!.....they analyzed Beethoven's DNA.....

4 136 NewtonMP2100 03/25/2023 06:19PM
Last Post by RAMd®d

Does anyone have OCR software they love?

5 100 anonymouse1 03/24/2023 07:09AM
Last Post by bazookaman

BoobTube Tonight?!.....Series P: 'The Night Agent'....Fox renews 2 freshman shows.......

2 89 NewtonMP2100 03/23/2023 03:28PM
Last Post by Lizabeth

‘ If your Netgear Orbi router isn’t patched, you’ll want to change that pronto ‘

2 113 btfc 03/23/2023 01:30PM
Last Post by Tiangou

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